Who is Craig McNaughton?

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Craig McNaughtonI’m a highly proficient web developer and technical writer. I’m primarily self-trained as a web developer, and worked as web publisher at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) and as programmer at the University of Saskatchewan, a medical-doctoral university. I received my technical writing certificate from Humber College in Toronto.

As a web developer, I specialize in small- to medium-sized websites, best suited for home or small businesses, community organizations, or individuals. My focus is not on the design, but rather on developing the necessary functionality and usability. While I designed my own websites, including creating all the necessary graphics, I’m much more capable of making a website perform as intended than I am at making it look pretty. I worked as senior web publisher within the internal documentation department at CIBC, while also working on a number of personal projects. I currently work for the University of Saskatchewan, maintaining websites, web applications and web-based reporting systems.

As a technical writer, I write and edit to create clear and concise procedural, how-to documents. I specialize in computer software and hardware, as well as financial services processes. I perform an audience analysis to determine my stakeholders, create an overview of the necessary procedures, and then I work with subject matter experts to develop the appropriate content. I effectively manage my part of the project to ensure it is on track and on schedule with any other related work. I also design effective templates for print and online user guides, and write blogs, news messages and other intranet content or business communication, and business or technical presentations.